Wandering but not lost…

Acoustic originals, covers and vocals.

“So it’s not too much to carry babe,

when you’ve got some time,

When your day is not so very,

very…  hope I come to mind”

Angel Pulling Me from the Fire, music and lyrics by Roy Bushman

I play acoustic guitar.  I have been playing since my older brother Tim Bushman (1951 to 2005) started me on guitar in 1972. I do some of his original songs.  He passed in May of 2005 and I inherited his 1953 Martin, an amazing guitar.

My Favorite Artists:
  1. Lyle Lovett
  2. John Prine
  3. Bonnie Raitt
  4. Sting
  5. Elvis Costello
  6. The Grateful Dead
  7. John Mayer
  8. U2
  9. Beatles
  10. James Taylor
  11. Joni Mitchell
  12. Crosby, Stills & Nash
  13. Neil Young
  14. Eric Clapton

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